Organization for Collective Administration of Performers' Rights, abbreviated PI, is a collective organization operating in Republic of Serbia, under Copyright Law of Serbia and collective management license.

PI is authorized to perform the following:

  1. collection and distribution of performer's equitable remuneration for broadcasting, rebroadcasting, public performance and communication to the public of performances from the published phonograms;
  2. collection and distribution of performer's remuneration for making available on demand to the public of performances, by wired or wireless means;
  3. collection and distribution of performer's remuneration for private copying; and
  4. to provide protection for foreign holders of performers and ensure protection of Serbian performers abroad by concluding bilateral agreements with foreign CMOs.

PI is a member of AEPO ARTIS and SCAPR associations of performers' organizations.

PI works by collecting said remunerations from users and distributing collected revenue to performers. Calculation of individual remunerations is done in accordance with The Distribution Plan. The Distribution Plan lays out strict rules for determining individual remuneration and it is based exclusively on playlists ditributed by the users. The Distribution Plan is brought forward by the Assembly.

PI operates democratically. It is governed by the Managing Board which appoints Director, and is supervised by the Supervisory Board. Both boards are elected by the Assembly, which in turn is populated by performers - members of PI. PI is further supervised by the Intellectual Property Office, a governmental body responsible for intellectual property matters.

All of the PI's documents necessary for performers to join PI are available in both Serbian and English. English translations of the latest Statute and the Distribution Plan will be published here as soon as they are available.

PI's Documents in English:

Statutes of PI, with amendments approved on Assembly in June 2013, is available on the following link: Statutes.The latest text will be published upon translation.

Documents necessary for joining PI:

  1. Membership statement (signed by the performer personally);
  2. Agreement on transfer of performers' rights;
  3. Mandate;
  4. Discography forms (explanation below) - instructions;
  5. Phonogram covers (explanation below);
  6. Passport copy;
  7. Payment instructions issued by the performer's bank (with IBAN, bank details etc).

It is necessary for a performer to compile a list of his/her recordings and submit it to PI; such a list needs to be entered in the Discography form. The performer will be able to obtain remuneration only for those recordings which are in the discography forms. Also, please have in mind that it is necessary to send us the covers of phonograms (covers of CDs, LPs, etc) for all the tracks in the Discography form: it is necessary that the name of the performer is indicated on that cover so that we may have valid proof that he/she performed a recording from the Discography form. If no such cover exists you will be required to submit different proof.

The Membership statement needs to be signed by the performer personally, and the other documents may be signed by a representative or an attorney. However, in such cases it will be necessary to submit to PI an Authorization or a Power of attorney stating who is authorised to sign such documents (the Authorization/PoA needs to be signed by the Performer).

Please do not hesitate to contacts us for any questions you may have.


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